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Ask for Jane” is an important, beautifully made, moving re-telling of the true story of a group of women in the pre-Roe v. Wade 1960s who provided 11,000 illegal but safe abortions to University of Chicago women and others. Made on a shoestring budget by a clearly passionate cast and crew, the writing, acting, and story-telling are exemplary.

We saw it at the Teaneck International Film Festival, where Heather Booth — the original “Jane,” still an activist and political consultant – along with Cait Cortelyou (producer and lead actor), and screenwriter/director Rachel Carey, among others, appeared for a discussion following the screening. Cortelyou, who had the idea for the film in 2016, didn’t foresee a need for the message at the time; Donald Trump hadn’t been elected president yet. But as Booth said during the discussion following the screening, we may need the Janes’ brand of activism once again. Let’s hope (and pray) not.

“Ask for Jane” is on the festival circuit; it is also streaming on Amazon Prime, Youtube, and Google Play. Very worth your time.

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